Trees Don’t Worry

Working with the Five Elements of Manifesting - Earth Energy

by: Mel Morris

As we continue to maneuver through the hardships and constant change that comes along with a pandemic and political unrest, it isn’t enough to wash away what no longer serves us and cleanse the ick of the day away.


Now more than ever, we must continue to push forward with our dreams for the future and stand in our own truth.


This is part two in the continuing series on how to use the Five Elements of Manifesting (FEM) Method to guide you to your best self.

Of the Five Elements involved in Manifesting your best life, Earth is the 3rd element and the one we often skip in our rush to change.


At this point, you’ve sat down and asked Why (Spirit) you want to change and then went through the process of clearing away What (Water) is in the way.


Now it’s important to ground your energy in Who (Earth) you really are.


Earth Energy places you not only in who you are now but also Who you want to be. This energy allows you to feel comfortable in the stable version of yourself that’s ready to move to the next level.

As we transition from clearing away the blocks and bullshit to dreaming about our future, many of us forget to stop and recognize who we are trying to become. We get so excited that we’ve finally pushed past the situations that were holding us back, that we don’t want to slow the momentum to see the new version of ourselves.


You have to look in the mirror and see what you look like without the film of the past clouding your shine!

The cleansing away process is powerful and freeing and it produces a beautiful version of our true self. For many people, this shiny version is a complete stranger or only remembered as a distant memory.


You have to allow yourself time and space to try on this new you and walk around with your newfound lightness and clarity.


Earth energy is all about stability and using our physical body to sense what’s around us. Found in our Base or Root Chakra, this energy keeps us grounded by remembering the past so that we can grow from the lessons learned.


It’s symbolized in the Tarot Suit of Pentacles where the tangible experiences we’ve had, mold how we build our physical future.


The energy of Earth is solid and supportive, yet nurturing and fertile.


You can build a house on top of the same soil that you could plant crops in. Mother Earth provides both food and shelter depending on what you decide to create.


The stability found in Earth Energy teaches us that we can be and do more than one thing at a time. We can stand tall and firm while our roots climb deeper and spread farther.

The fact that you and I and 8 billion other people are all living and moving around on this giant rock made of and called Earth, shows its foundational strength. At the same time, a tiny acorn can be planted in the earth and grow into an 80-foot oak tree with roots five times wider than its canopy! These are the nurturing and fertile aspects that Earth provides.


After your emotional energy has been cleansed, your physical body is awaiting the sensations of stillness and grounding. When your Earth energy is out of balance, pride and stubbornness can be seen. It’s important to be still in connecting with your true self and allow yourself space to feel the calm steadiness that comes from this energy


So how do you start working with the energy of Earth?


As you move forward in changing parts of your life, there has to be a time of peace and tranquility. A time when you aren’t trying to do something, you simply are.


It can be hard to wrap your mind around stillness.

Stillness is not something most cultures promote or praise yet being still and sitting between where you were and what may be next, allows you to grow more comfortable with the person you truly are.


The more you can connect with your senses, the more you realize the space that you take up in the world. This may sound a little hokey but how often have you actually thought about your physical presence beyond telling yourself you’re too fat or too thin?


Move your body with all 5 senses alert. Feel each step you take as you connect to the earth and make your presence felt.


Connecting with the energy of Earth starts with connecting to yourself alone, without outside distractions or internal debates. Allow yourself to feel powerfully heavy.


Sit somewhere quiet with as little noise or distraction as possible. Put on some noise-canceling headphones or earmuffs to dampen random sounds.


Place an image in your mind of something solid like a mountain or a giant tree. Close your eyes and imagine melding with this image.

Envision your body becoming one with a tree for example. Start with your feet growing roots into the ground alongside the tree. As your legs begin to turn to wood, feel the sensation of your toes as roots spreading down and out, deep into the earth.


As more of your body turns into a living tree, notice what it feels like to be firmly planted. What does the cold soil feel like around your roots? What does your body look like as tree bark covers the bottom half of your body?


What do you hear as your chest becomes incased and still? As this stillness consumes your entire body, what can you taste or smell?


Allow yourself to recognize that you don’t need to do anything else but be a tree right now.


There’s nothing for you to do! Simply notice the sensations of your body and allow the world to do whatever it’s going to do. You have no control over anything right now, which means there is nothing to worry or be anxious about.

Trees don’t have worries!


If visualization isn’t your thing, go outside and find a patch of dirt or sit on a grassy area and allow yourself to sit and feel the stillness of the earth underneath you. Notice the heaviness of your weight as the earth comes up to support you.


Try digging your fingers into the soil, first noticing the resistance from the pact earth, and then feel the sensation of your fingers moving around in the loosened soil.


If you can’t get outdoors to the soil, try digging your fingers into a potted plant.


No matter what technique you use to connect with the still and supportive energy of Earth, remember to take the time to do nothing but BE, even if just for a few moments each day.


Keep an eye out for the rest of the series on working with the Five Elements of Manifesting.

Mel Morris

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