There’s Only One Way to Burn… Hot!

Working with the Five Elements of Manifesting - Fire Energy

by: Mel Morris

There are so many things in this world that we just can’t control and that’s actually a good thing. Just imagine if on top of all it takes just to be you, you also had to solve all the world’s problems?!


At this stage in the game, it’s time for you to focus on your own actions and allow everyone else to focus on theirs.


This is part four in the continuing series on how to use the Five Elements of Manifesting (FEM) Method to guide you to your best self.

Of the Five Elements involved in Manifesting your best life, Fire is the 5th element and the one where magic can be seen if we let it.


At this point in your journey of change, you’ve sat down and asked Why (Spirit) you want to change and then went through the process of clearing away What (Water) was in the way.


You took the important step of being still and grounding your energy in Who (Earth) you really are, and then imagined Where (Air) you’re going. Air’s energy also allowed you to create a plan for moving forward. The million-dollar question then becomes, When (Fire) is it time to move?


The answer is now!


Once you've gotten to the energy of Fire, action is the only direction you can take. Fire either burns or it doesn't, there's no middle ground.


What’s most interesting of all five of the elements that we discussed for manifesting, fire is the only element that doesn't exist on its own. Fire needs help from other elements to spark and to continue burning.


That's why it's so important for us to remember, we cannot just start moving, without first harnessing the other elements.

As someone with a lot of Air energy, I know just how hard it is to move beyond the dreaming and planning of all the amazing things yet to come in life. As I mentioned in the last blog on Air, that dreamy energy can be so enticing that we forget we have to take action in order for our dreams to manifest. The plans we made with air energy must be allowed to see the light of day.


We have to move to the next element of Fire in order to fully embrace the change that we desire.


Once you’re on fire, there’s only one way to burn… Hot!


The energy of fire can be intoxicating and all-consuming. It can be filled with desire and passion but it can also burn so fast it becomes an unstoppable force.


The energy of Fire correlates to action and drive. With the power of planning from a cleared space of solid ground behind it, Fire’s energy is what separates the dreamers from the leaders.


The energy of Fire is found in our solar plexus chakra, which is just above your belly button.


This is the seat of your confidence and personal power. This yellow chakra can be as bright as the sun when you’ve prepared yourself to be your best.


Only looking forward to the future, fire’s energy doesn't think about stopping, it just keeps growing like the waxing moon.


Symbolized in the Tarot Suit of Wands where actions and often their consequences can be seen, Fire represented by wood again reminds us that other elements are needed to start and sustain fire’s energy.

The result of taking action without A plan or a leg to stand on, won't get you very far and is often the reason people feel frustrated that they seem to be working so hard and yet seeing no results.


When the energy of Fire is out of balance, unhealthy desire and entitlement can rear their ugly heads. Just as Fire needs Earth and Air to spark & grow, it also relies on Water to temper it’s flames.


So how do you start working with the energy of Fire?


You can’t just keep getting ready to get ready, it's time to start. This can be the really scary portion of change and it's easy to put off taking action because of that fear.


Remind yourself that actions can change direction just as easily as you change your mind. Even if you start going one way, you can always make a new choice and turn right.


Slather on some sunscreen and go outside on a sunny day at noon or when the sun is at its peak. Close your eyes and turn your face towards the sun, just like a sunflower grabbing some rays. Feel the heat from the Sun on your skin.


Keeping your eyes closed and face turned upward, stay in this position as long as you can, even beyond any initial discomforts or sweating. Connect with the sensations your body is experiencing. Do you feel a desire to turn away? Does the hot sun on your skin make you want to retreat and find shade?


Now with your eyes closed or open, begin to move your body rhythmically without worrying about keeping a beat. Allow yourself to feel the sexiness of your movements as your hips sway and your arms loosely take flight.


Now begin to move your body more and more quickly. Imagine the sounds of a bees nest and the frenetic energy that comes from a hundred bees buzzing. Continue moving until you just can’t move anymore.

As you sit down to catch your breath, notice how invigorated you feel. Notice the heat rising from your body and try to feel the energy you’ve generated, still moving through you.


These same steps can be used at night around an open fire. Instead of closing your eyes from the sun, keep your gaze focused on the flames and connect your dance to the fire.


Do this anytime you need a boost of energy or whenever you need a break from thinking too much.


Check out a few more ways to connect to the Energy of Fire.


Keep an eye out for the rest of the series on working with the Five Elements of Manifesting.


Mel Morris

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