Let Your Cup Runneth Over

Working with the Five Elements of Manifesting - Water Energy

by: Mel Morris

We all recognize that the last 2 years have been a bit of a dumpster fire.


From divisive politics to systemic racism coming to a boil, we’ve all had to decide which side of history we want to be on.


As Covid-19 has kept us apart from our loved ones and stuck with ourselves, the need to figure out what’s next has many of us re-evaluating our choices of the past and plans for the future.


Change is inevitable, yet who knew shit would go downhill this fast, and this far?


So that leaves us in a place of needing to do things differently.


It’s time to be real with ourselves and decide how we truly want to show up in the world moving forward, but first, we have to let go of the past.


I've written before about using my Five Elements of Manifesting (FEM) Method to guide you to your best self, and here is the first in a series of articles on using each element to confidently decide on YOU!

Of the Five Elements involved in Manifesting your best life, Spirit starts and ends the cycle. You must sit down and have an honest heart to heart with yourself to discover Why you’re seeking change and What about it is most important to you.


Once you’ve gone through the other 4 steps, connecting with Water, Earth, Air & Fire energies, you’ll come back to Spirit in a whole new way.


I'll go into connecting with Spirit energy in another article because here, I want to give you information on how to get started implementing your changes through cleansing and releasing with the energy of Water.

Starting your plans for change should begin with release.


This is the most important step, in my opinion, because it allows you to look over the decisions you’ve made before and acknowledge them whether they turned out great or not.


This is a judgment-free way to evaluate who you were when you made past decisions, remember why you made the choices you did, and give yourself permission to let go of anything you don’t want anymore.


Instead of wallowing in regret or shame, connecting with the energy of Water allows you to look at your past through your emotions instead of thinking and judging.


Water is connected to our Sacral Chakra or our creative and sexual center, which means we have the ability to turn our past disappointments into something we never could have thought up consciously.


It’s also symbolized in the Tarot Suit of Cups, where we learn how to deal with our emotional centers and connect to our feelings.


The energy of Water is fluid and forceful, yet consuming and transformative.


See what happens when you pour water into 3 different shaped containers. The water will take on any form with no hesitation.


Yet if you let water pour consistently over solid rock, it will eventually wear a grove into that stone, transforming it by sheer will of the water.


There’s very little that can stop water from making its way into anything it wants, either as a liquid, a gas, or in a solid form where an iceberg can take down a ship.


Our bodies are made up of about 60% water while the Earth’s surface is 71% water.


Water is Everywhere!


So it’s no wonder that when we seek to change, we think about washing away the pain. Even being baptized in water, or other religious and socio-cultural practices that involve water.


When our emotional energy is out of balance, our feelings turn to hatred and resentment, which is why starting our journey with water on our side prepares us for whatever is to come with no regrets.

So how do you start working with the energy of water?



As you begin to process the parts of your life that need changing, you have to ask yourself what is and is not working. Change doesn’t mean you have to scrap your whole life.


Start with one small piece of your life that’s holding you back or weighing you down and consciously make a plan to release it so you can make space for growth.


Acknowledge that this part of your past was there for a reason and helped you in some way to get you to where you are now.


Be kind to yourself and recognize the choices you’ve made in the past were made based on who you were then, NOT who you are now.


When you know more, you do more!


Once you’ve chosen what to release, acknowledged it, and are ready to let it go, it’s time to find some water for connecting.


  • Water is about your emotions and feelings, so don’t try to think your way out of releasing
  • Feel the weight of this burden and then fully feel the water cleansing it away
  • Cry if you need to cry - adding more water is always good

Since water is so abundant in many parts of the world, connecting with it can be very easy.


Start for example, by drinking a glass of water. Paying attention to the sensations of it entering your body. As you drink, feel the water moving and try to fully experience its fluidity.


Sitting in water, either in a bathtub, a pool or larger body of water, will allow you to feel how water completely envelopes you without any effort.


Sit carefree imagining anything you no longer want, coming out of your body and floating into the water.


If you swim or float on a raft or small boat, feel water’s ability to support you or consume you if you let it.


Even taking a shower will help you to feel the flowing and cleansing energy water provides.


Use any of these examples to wash away your burdens and feel yourself getting lighter while you notice your energy becoming more in flow with the world around you.


Keep an eye out for the rest of the series on working with the Five Elements of Manifesting.

Mel Morris

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