Dream Out loud, Nothing is Too Big

Working with the Five Elements of Manifesting - Air Energy

by: Mel Morris

No matter how much we try to get used to the craziness of the world around us, there will always be something else that happens which will inevitably distract us. Don’t beat yourself up about getting off track, this is the time to dream a little more about the magic that is yet to come.


This is part three in the continuing series on how to use the Five Elements of Manifesting (FEM) Method to guide you to your best self.

After cleansing away what is no longer serving us and grounding in who we want to become, allowing ourselves to dream and plan for the future starts to feel like we’re actually making a change.


Of the Five Elements involved in Manifesting your best life, Air is the 4th element and the one we can really get stuck in.


At this point in your journey of change, you’ve sat down and asked Why (Spirit) you want to change and then went through the process of clearing away What (Water) was in the way.


You took the important step of being still and grounding your energy in Who (Earth) you really are, and now you get to imagine Where (Air) you’re going.


In a big picture way, the energy of Air allows you to dream about any version of yourself or your life that you want. From a more mundane perspective, this energy is what we use for processing our thoughts and planning out those big dreams.

Many of us have yearned for so long to find the peace the comes from releasing our baggage and becoming one with nature/ the universe/ ourselves, that we stop moving once we settle into the energy of Earth.


Don’t get me wrong, if you can really dig deep into Earth’s energy, (pun intended) it is an incredibly safe and comforting space.


But you are meant for so much more than comfortable!


You have to push yourself out of that easy stillness and begin dreaming and planning your bold future.


The energy of Air is connected to our thoughts. This includes the thoughts we have that are true and verified as well as the negative thoughts that may not even be our own.


Because of the ease in which thoughts can blow in and out of our minds, regardless of facts or emotions, the energy of Air can quickly bring us down if we aren’t constantly monitoring what we allow in.


At its best, Air’s energy is uplifting and powerful enough for us to see the very best versions of ourselves and our potential.


Air’s energy is found in the Heart Chakra and it allows us the ability to love others and accept ourselves just as we are.


Looking outward beyond what’s visible in the present, Air’s energy creates the movie screen to view what our lives can become.


Symbolized in the Tarot Suit of Swords where our thinking can get really dark or impossibly strong and clear, the energy of Air can truly be a double-edged sword.

After cleaning out your emotional center and allowing your physical body to connect with all of your senses, it’s time to focus on your mind and allow your intellect and passion to show you how to move along your truest path.


When your Air energy is out of balance, Envy and judgment can be seen and felt. It’s important to remain logical when you notice dark thoughts, yet allow fantasy to move without restrictions as much as possible.


It’s very important to remind yourself that you cannot stay in this dream/planning state for too long. Just as easy as new ideas can waft into your mind, so to can you lose yourself in constantly dreaming and planning without ever taking action.


So how do you start working with the energy of Air?


As you continue the journey of personal change, you need time to dream and then plan your next steps. Yes, dreaming is important and necessary to create a plan that’s fulfilling and not just work.


Find a beautiful hilltop or open field where the breeze can surround you on all sides. Close your eyes and allow your mind to float and wander without staying on one topic very long.


Inhale deeply and smell the breeze while you notice your body sway.

Whenever a happy thought or idea pops into your head, acknowledge it with a smile or a wave so you can remember it later.


As negative or restrictive thoughts stream in, simply say “Nope” and remember the last happy thought.


Remain in this dreamy state as long as you’d like and keep training yourself to acknowledge positive thoughts while saying “Nope” to the b.s. that will inevitably show up.


Once you’ve found several thoughts that make you happy, write them down in as much detail as you can recall. Make sure to write any feelings you can remember associated with that idea as well as images, colors, or concepts.

Now do the same exercise, intentionally focusing on the change you’re working towards. Remember your Why and allow your mind to fill in the blanks of how to move forward.


Make sure to acknowledge what you want to keep and say, “Nope” to anything else.


If you don’t have a hilltop or open field, find a space with as much access to a breeze as possible. If it’s not too cold, limit the amount of clothing you have on so you can feel the moving air on your skin.


Now that you’ve dreamt a bit, begin to write some steps you can take to start moving towards those happy ideas connected to your change.


Make them manageable.


A lot of small steps are ultimately easier than a few large ones.


Keep this list close by and allow yourself to sit and dream with it a little each day. Make sure to smile and say “Nope” as appropriate.


Keep an eye out for the rest of the series on working with the Five Elements of Manifesting.

Mel Morris

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