Why Tarot Focused?

Tarot is an amazing visual tool that allows your intuitive or subconscious mind to connect to concepts your thinking brain wasn’t built to see. It provides a hands-on anchor between our subconscious thoughts and our conscious awareness.

The System of Tarot is built around a set of archetypes or universally understood symbols of people, behaviors, and personalities. Some of the cards represent our Karmic or big life lessons, while others represent the day-to-day learning that moves us toward experiencing the next big lesson. 


Because we intuitively recognize the archetypes within the Tarot images when we see them, looking at a card after focusing our energy on a question, allows intuition to connect to certain aspects of that card. 


The aspects noticed are answers to our questions AND symbols that our conscious mind can understand and start putting into words.

Instead of relying on your past experience as a predictor of how things should or could turn out, which is how our thinking brain works, Intuition focuses on what your subconscious is connecting to, in the moment.


Tarot allows you to use your intuition to answer any question about what’s going on in your life, and see the possibilities to grow instead of weighing you down with what won’t work. 

When is a Tarot Session Helpful?

by Colette Baron-Reid

by Alana Fairchild

by Chris-Anne 

 ''That’s right, Every day’s a Great day for Tarot'' 

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