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Start planning for the life you want and unstuck from the past

Unlock what’s really going on in your life

Explore more possibilities than you could have alone

Choose where you’d like to begin and we’ll start finding some answers

(Don’t worry, we can talk about all the things, this is just a place to start) 💜

Love & Relationships

Business & Career

Health & Happiness

Spiritual Development

When you need help to see what’s going on in your life right now,

 a 1-Time Tarot Session is the perfect way to gain clarity and insights. 


When you’re ready to grow into your dream life, a series of Tarot Sessions can ensure you stay aligned and focused on building the life you’re meant for.

​​ Tarot Sessions are NOT just for special occasions anymore!


"I came across Mel’s site and won a Clarity Tarot Session! 


I was struggling with listening to my inner self, struggling to maintain peace and happiness. Mel pushed me to pay attention to what I really saw and felt from the cards and showed me ways to reveal my inner thoughts without ignoring my strength.


I never would have given tarot a second thought, but winning and being open to try something new, pushed me into a great experience. I’m excited to book another session so I can continue to grow."

Carrie S.

Using my Intuitive Tarot technique, which focuses on what you connect to and not fortune-telling, we’ll rip off the band-aid of BS and focus on the answers you need to start moving forward. 


Together we’ll ask your higher self what’s holding you back, how to get moving, and make plans for building the life you deserve.

Ready. Set. Grow!


Whether you’re ready to start a new relationship or a new business, Tarot sessions can show you what to keep an eye on and what you may have overlooked. 


Instead of feeling frustrated about not reaching your goals or drained from taking on everyone else’s concerns, let’s uncover what’s blocking you and discover what you need to focus on, for You.


If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the Universe to show you what to do next...

Not sure which area of your life to ask about, try starting with a FREE

If you don’t think you’re ready yet for change, I’m here to tell you that you are!


You are Capable! 

You are Strong! 

You are F'ing Magical!


"Our session brought me peace and assurance to move forward. As you said so nicely, everyone have their answers inside of themselves, but I have to say that it helps to hear those answers coming from someone else as well. I truly appreciate how details your interpretations were and I also really enjoyed you asking for my interpretation too."

Vicky R.

Book your one-time session for ONLY $129 today.



Prepare to go deeper and get ongoing support to map out your next steps in any area of your life, by purchasing a series of 4 sessions.


When you purchase a series of sessions:

  • We’ll look into what’s working and what’s not

  • I’ll make a special tarot spread just for you!

  • And, you’ll save 10%!


Book your 1st of 4 sessions here for only $464! 

Love & Happiness

Business & Career

Health & Happiness

Spiritual Development

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