WTF with Mel focuses on 3 Core Concepts to help connect within and move towards the life you're meant for

Unlock What The F*ck

Ask WhaT iF, and 

Discover Where To Focus

This means, whenever you feel stuck or realize it’s time for a change, going within and answering these 3 questions, will get you on the path towards showing up the way you’re meant to in the world.

1. What's actually going on with me, in this situation? (Unlock WTF

2. Am I open to seeing new solutions to move out of this situation? (Ask WTF)

3. Where do I need to focus my energy to get myself moving? (Discover WTF)

This can be easier said than done and is always more fun with friends!

So I created the:


  • Here you’ll find hands-on, group workshops that teach a variety of tools to help you connect within, so you can grow and make new life choices that are truly best for YOU!
  • Each workshop focuses on one tool at a time, so you’ll get to dive deep and practice using that tool in your own life. To make sure you get the most out of each session, you’ll also receive a guidebook to reference during and after the workshop. 
  • During these live sessions, you can ask questions, share insights and learn from other participants in the group.

​Allowing Intuition to Make Decisions

Using the imagery of Tarot & Oracle cards to unlock what's keeping you stuck

Does every decision in your life feel as serious as Final Jeopardy? Making a choice isn’t usually all or nothing, so stop overthinking it and learn to start listening to your intuition. 


In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn to start connecting the imagery of tools like Tarot and Oracle cards, to the answers your intuition is already giving you. 


Learn the #1 obstacle to finding the answer to “What’s Next?”


(Having your own oracle or tarot deck is not a requirement, but please bring your favorite if you have them)  

Join this group workshop to unlock What The F*ck your intuition is trying to tell you about this next chapter in your life.

Getting to Know Your Tarot & Oracle

Get more comfortable with your Tarot & Oracle decks for guidance

So you’ve got an Oracle or Tarot deck that you really want guidance from, but you’re still stuck just reading the book.


In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll put away your instructional booklets and spend some time getting to know how your Oracle or Tarot deck is trying to communicate with you.  


There’s no right or wrong way to connect with your cards but if you’re only reading the guidebook, you’re still not listening to your own advice. So let’s practice connecting within.


(This workshop requires you to bring an Oracle or Tarot deck to participate)


Join this group workshop to ask WhaiI trusted my own guidance?

Manifesting A Million New Beginnings

Creating your own cycle of continuous wellness with the (F.E.M.) Method

Manifesting what you want is a process. You can’t just close your eyes, see yourself rich, and never do any of the work.


In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn the basics of using the Five Elements of Manifesting (FEM) Method© to clear out shit you no longer need and connect what you want, to why you want it.


Start connecting your energy to the world around you as a constant reminder to stay aligned.


Embody the energy of the elements to make planning a change more practical & accessible.

Join this group workshop if you’re ready to discover Where To Focus by connecting to the elements.

Join Us This Month and Make Choosing You a Priority!​

Listen, if…

  • You know you’re strong and have so much more to offer, yet you can’t quite hear that little voice within anymore;

  • You’re sick of feeling stuck and alone but don’t know where to turn for fresh advice; or,

  • It’s past time to start something new, and you need a little direction to get started

… then the “Choosing You” Workshop series was made especially for you!

“I was done and over it! I was ready to pack a bag and leave for anything that wasn’t my life before I worked with Mel. I’ve been able to clear out so much baggage that now I can see what’s authentic to me. I feel such a sense of clarity as I continue to use the tools Mel gave me. 

Angel G.

Workshops rotate monthly and are designed for live engagement, so capacity is limited.

Replays will be emailed within 48 hours of the live session, with access for a full month. 

Given these events are live, refunds are not available. For questions or concerns contact

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