I Support Freedom

for Women and their bodies to be autonomous from politics and legislation


for Black Bodies and Spirits to be free from systemic abuse and death


for Black & Brown People to exist without fear of living in cages or jail cells

simply because some still don't believe in Freedom


for Everyone to Love who they Love without the need for governmental permission


for Atheists & BelieversReligious Followers & Spiritual Guides to believe or not

because the only important belief is allowing everyone to be


for Your Spirit & Essence regardless of what body or culture it was birthed into


for Your Gender Identity to co-create the body that makes you feel the most YOU


for Children to feel Safe & Supported & Nourished & Loved


for You to speak-up and speak-out about what is just and fair,

and for your spirit to speak-on after you've been unjustly silenced


I vow to support these Freedoms through love, honesty, hard-truths & sustained growth.


If you don't support these freedoms, you might just be an asshole,

But, I'll still hold space open for you if you're willing to learn and grow.


If you'd rather choose to hate, I'll support your freedom to do so,

Just not in my community of Love & Respect!

Cuz we may be all Love & Light, but if you disrespect my Framily, it's gonna be a fight!


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