MatchMaking with Tarot

Why Your 2 Minds Need an Interpreter Like Tarot

by: Mel Morris

Humans spend most of our lives navigating what feels like a never-ending sea of shit that feels hard, making simple things more complicated than they need to be, and hoping to eventually use what we’ve learned to make better life choices. 


Most of us haven’t read the memo that explains how we already have the answers to all of our questions, if we just stopped thinking so hard and started to listen within. 


People have spent so much time and money on programs and services and guru’s to give them the answer to, “What Do I Next?” that they’ve totally ignored their own personal concierge right inside.


If you’re in a time of transition or your soul is searching for a new purpose, let Tarot be the bridge between what you did before and how your soul wants to show up in the world.


When we want answers about anything in our lives, we start asking questions. 


Subconsciously, our intuition automatically gives us answers that will lead to what’s best for us. 


Consciously, our thinking brain, which is much louder and what we’re used to listening to, starts making logic-based plans or predictions on what it thinks will happen, based on what it knows from past experience.


Logic-based planning is super helpful if you need to redo something you’ve done before or if you need to avoid something that you know could be harmful. 


Some examples would be planning the route home from work or not putting your hand into an open flame like you did the first time you made S’mores.


However, if you’ve never experienced the goals you’re setting up in your life or never had to make the hard decision that’s on the table right now, relying on the past isn’t going to be very useful. 


You know the saying,

“If you always do what you’ve always done, 

You’ll always get what you always got?”

That’s what happens when you narrow your focus to what you already know. 


Here’s an example:


You’re thinking about starting a new business and you’ve never started one before. You immediately ask yourself a bunch of questions about how to get started and what to do first. 


Your intuition was actually what got you thinking about starting this business and now that you need more details, you start to feel a lightness within. Little pops of inspiration start happening either as images in your mind or a sense of longing  to explore your ideas, that feels expansive. 


A second or two later, your brain kicks in with examples of things you’ve started in the past or a memory of when your cousin started their business. You can remember what it was like to start something before and if it wasn’t smooth sailing, your brain’s going to remind you of that. 


Soon you’re flooded with thoughts of how hard it will be and all the work you’ll have to do. Even if you feel inspired, there’s a little voice asking you who you think you are to be starting a new business.


The plans your brain starts laying out will be based on what you’ve read or what someone else told you about starting a business. The structure and limitations your brain starts mapping out aren’t based on dreamy endless possibilities, instead, they’ll focus on a prediction based on past experience. 




Because your brain wants to keep you safe at all costs, and this adrenaline-pumping idea feels like it could be something dangerous, even if it’s just excited energy. Your brain can’t always tell them apart.

If however, you can remind yourself to come back to your intuition and the initial thoughts and feelings that inspired you to want to start a business, you get to find the answers to your "Why." 


You can keep coming back to intuition and ask "What about this idea feels exciting," or "How can I serve others with this business and grow myself?"


Since there’s no limitation or restriction based on past experience with intuition, you don’t have to make yourself smaller to fit into an old box.


This is the beauty of focusing on intuition for planning, decision-making, self-discovery, and manifesting in your life. 

Ok great! Now how does this apply to Tarot?


Tarot is an amazing visual tool that allows your intuitive or subconscious mind to connect to concepts your thinking brain wasn’t built to see. It provides a tangible anchor between our subconscious thoughts and our conscious awareness. 


The System of Tarot is built around a set of archetypes or universally understood symbols of people, behaviors, and personalities. Some of the cards represent our Karmic or big life lessons, while others represent the day-to-day learning that moves us toward experiencing the next big lesson. 

Because we intuitively recognize the archetypes within the Tarot images when we see them, focusing our energy on a question and then connecting with a card in response, allows us to put words and understanding to the ideas and feelings our subconscious is trying to express. 


When you focus your energy, ask a question, and then look at a Tarot card, your intuition connects to certain aspects of that card. Those things you noticed are answers to your question AND symbols that your conscious mind can understand and start putting into words. 


Tarot is a tool that can bridge the gap between knowing what we want deep down inside, and finding a path to manifest our wants in real life.

Instead of relying on your past experience as a predictor of how things should or could turn out, which is how our thinking brain works, Intuition focuses on what your subconscious is connecting to, in the moment.


Tarot allows you to ask any question about what’s going on in your life, and see the possibilities to grow instead of weighing you down with what won’t work. 


When you’re ready to see what’s possible in your life,

Book a Tarot Session with me and remember just how amazing you are!



Mel Morris

Helping you discover & align with your personal Truth in business, love & connection to the Universe.

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