Five Elements of Manifesting Method

by: Mel Morris

When you know it’s time to make a change in your career, personal life, or business, where do you start?


Sure, you could just take the leap and hope for the best, and hey, maybe you’ll even stick to it for a while.


Maybe you won’t get too scared to keep moving because you don’t know what to expect.


Maybe the negative BS that’s kept you from changing in the past won’t come up again.


Maybe after all this time of just thinking about changing, tomorrow you’ll wake up and everything will be different.


Maybe you’re some kind of superhero who can also catch bullets with their teeth. That would be really cool, send me a video of that!


But if you’re like me and the rest of the humans around here, you’ve probably gotten stuck in some BS that stopped you from taking a leap forward.


You may even be so normal that you can’t find the starting line.

After a lot of missteps, missed opportunities, and misunderstandings, I finally realized that making a meaningful change doesn't happen without some legwork.


So where do you start?


Why not start with the most basic elements on the planet? And yes, I mean actual elements!

Water, Earth, Air, Fire

Ok, I can hear your eyes roll through the internet but hear me out.

Really changing is a process, and our whole selves need to be prepared. Doing something different for one day isn’t change and neither is saying you’re fine.


That’s why connecting with the energy of the elements already around you, makes planning a change more practical, accessible and creates anchors to remind you of who you truly want to be.


By using the Five Elements of Manifesting (FEM) Method to guide you to your best outcomes, you can clear out what’s no longer serving you, while grounding your new intentions in a purposeful way.


You’ll be better prepared to take action because now your desire to change isn’t a guessing game, you’ve connected your energy to the entire world around you. Here’s what I know:

If you don't clear out old baggage and emotions and accept that it’s time to change, it’s easy to slide back into old habits when times get tough. The magic of Water is its fluid ability to cleanse and move you into the flow.


If you don't ground yourself in your “Why” and resonate with who you want to become, you’ve got no reason to stand up for yourself as obstacles come. Vibrant and nurturing Earth energy can support and connect you to your personal power.


If you don't take the time to wonder about your possibilities and make a plan to move forward, there's a good chance uncertainty will creep in and make you forget why you need the change. Air energy, like your thoughts and desires, is invisible yet ever-present. Let this energy help you soar.


If you don't surrender to your intuition and boldly decide to do things differently, you may just keep dreaming about change without ever taking the first step. You’re ready to move and dance free like a flame devouring oxygen.

Now is the time to use all that you have at your disposal to finally make any change you want, whenever you want it.


Use this guided meditation to connect with the 5 Elements of Manifesting and experience how each can change your life.

Mel Morris

Helping you discover & align with your personal Truth in business, love & connection to the Universe.

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