wtf with Mel, Where to Focus - connecting to you intuition using Tarot

  • Start planning for the life you want and get unstuck from the past

  • Unlock what’s really going on in your life

  • Explore more possibilities than you could have alone

Business & Career

Health & Happiness

Spiritual Development

When you need help to see what’s going on in your life right now, 

a 1-time Tarot Session is the perfect way to gain clarity and insights



When you’re ready to grow into your dream life, a series of Tarot Sessions can ensure you stay aligned and focused on building the life you’re meant for


Carrie S.

Tarot's NOT Just for Special Occasions Anymore!

Tarot Session / 1-hr

$129/ 1-hr

Tarot Series / 4 Sessions

$464 / (4) 1-hr

Ready. Set. Grow!

If you don’t think you’re ready yet for change, I’m here to tell you that you are!


You are Capable! 

You are Strong! 

You are F'ing Magical!



If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the Universe to show you what to do next...


Our session brought me peace and assurance to move forward. As you said so nicely, everyone has their answers inside of themselves, but I have to say that it helps to hear those answers coming from someone else as well. I truly appreciate how detailed your interpretations were and I also really enjoyed you asking for my interpretations too.

Vicky R. 

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