It's Time to Choose...

Happiness or Settling

for the Same Old Same.

If you picked happiness...

You’re in the right place!

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2-Minute Tarot

Ask 1 Question,

get 1 Tarot Card pulled, and

a personalized 2-minute video response for Free!

When you’re feeling stuck and need a little nudge or when you’re not sure how to choose YOU, 2-Minute Tarot will give you a dash of clarity towards your next step.

I don‘t recognize the person I was before working with Mel

"Mel helped me to start using my voice to ask for what I want and my intuition to see where to start working toward my real dreams. Since coaching I’ve moved into a new position, created just for me; I‘ve bought a new home where my dad can enjoy retirement; and the dream I thought was too big, is now within reach."

Tammy V. - Corporate Manager, North Carolina

W hat if I told you that you’ve been lying to yourself for so long, you’ve forgotten that you can do shit differently?

Would you be low-key mad but then admit, “Damn, that’s #Truth” because you recognize you’re a badass that’s just been stuck for too long?

It’s time to release my love. 


You can stop hiding your pain under that Wonder Woman blanket. I promise that revealing your hurt will not cancel out your strength. 


Wandering alone in the darkness of your thoughts doesn’t have to be your destiny. It’s time to follow the signs that are trying to light up your path. 


No more fake assurances that you’re “fine” or “okay” and you can drop the "I don't know where to start," today’s a new day.

Ain’t nobody got time for that doubt and anxiety anymore!

Because the life you desperately want to love 

depends on YOU making different choices.

What if you woke up with a sense of hope because you realize you are strong enough

to take on anything that comes your way? 


Picture yourself eager to spend time with your kids or your partner, instead of angrily waiting for them to set you off again.


Imagine the ease of getting everything you need to do done and still have time for YOU! 


Now, instead of going to bed frustrated that life got in the way today, visualize your head easing onto your pillow, while your heart and mind are filled with gratitude for all that you’ve accomplished and all that’s yet to come.



Fermentum ad duis auctor.

Hey, I'm Mel!

 I Teach Folx How to Find Their Magic!

As the High Priestess of Advice,

Inner Guidance Guru,

Confucius for the Confused


I blend transformational coaching, Intuitive Tarot and decades of being a Badass, to break people out of their old stuck stories and into clarity on how to shine! 


I wasn’t always this confident queen you see today. I dragged myself out of a lot of B.S. to stand as tall as I do now.


See, I spent 20+ years, training thousands of people how to work together, support one another, even care for those they didn't agree with. But for most of those years, I wasn't doing anything to care for myself.


I was so focused on staying strong for everyone around me, I didn't notice I had fallen apart emotionally.


I was depressed and in denial about what that even meant. So, I tried not to think about it, or my pain.




I didn't know how to do it differently.

These 3 lies you’ve been telling yourself are sure to keep you securely in Stucksville:

  • "I'll keep my pain to myself, if I share it I'll look weak or selfish"

  • "My value to the world is only as big as the accomplishments I highlight on Social for double taps, emoji riddled comments, and retweets"

  • "My emotions keep getting in the way of my work and my purpose"


Listen when I tell you, You’re Magic is Waiting for You!


After months of struggling alone, avoiding the world, something had to give. So I stopped.


I stopped trying to be great for everyone and decided to try to be great for myself for a little while.


Little by little I felt a weight starting to lift off my shoulders. Each day I cried a little less or at least felt less judgmental about the tears.


And once I came out the other side, I was able to stand in my full Magic, knowing that my beliefs were just thoughts I’d been thinking for way too long.


They weren’t facts or even true!


They were lies I’d bought into and repeated over and over again because I didn’t realize my life could be different.

When I put my feet on solid ground, I gathered up the pieces that helped me through and streamlined the process of using them to help

Folx like me,

Like YOU,

Rebuild quicker and

Figure out WTF.


Fermentum ad duis auctor.

If I'm shining, everybody's gonna shine”-Lizzo

The best business coaching + therapy session you can get in an hour!

"We pulled back the curtain on specific hurdles I was facing in my business and Melissa used her coaching background to dig in more on the roadblocks that are keeping me from reaching my full potential in my business. It wasn't really "woo" at all…it was like the best business coaching + therapy you can get in an hour."

Katie Spellman, Founder & Media Strategist

Y ou’re more than ready to work with me if your fierce inner Goddess says things like...

  I'm done waiting for the right time to do things differently

  I'm not okay, but I know I can be with a little help

  Stuck is stupid and I'm ready to move on

  I have the power to choose more for my life

You are not alone, I got you! 


Here are a few ways we can work together to get you on your path to joy. 

Two-Minute Tarot

Feeling stuck and need a little boost to get moving? Wanna connect but you’re nervous about booking your first session?


Try 2-Minute Tarot


Right now, you can Ask 1 Question, get 1 Card pulled, and I’ll send a personalized 2-minute video response for free


That’s it, No Strings Attached!

Clarity Tarot Session

This private tarot session is your opportunity to connect to your intuition. You’ll gain guidance on where to start focusing your energy with help from the Tarot.


This ain’t no ‘mystics only’ reading, this is a practical learning experience to deepen trust in yourself  and your voice within.



Workshop Series

These small group workshops provide learning and practice on a variety of tools that will ensure you make the best decisions to grow your life into one you’ll love even more.


Each live workshop dives into a specific focus area where you can go deeper and start using each tool right away in your own life. Come ask questions, share insights and begin using these life-changing tools.

Mel is a people whisperer

"At a crossroads in your mind? Feeling in a funk? Then you NEED to get on a call with Melissa. Twice now she has helped me surface what had been holding me back in pivotal moments in my business. She can help you see what is deep in your mind. Melissa is invaluable and is crucial to my life strategy."

Isitri Modak, MD - Texas

S ome quirky goodness I’d share with you on our first coffee date

You are Strong and Smart and you need to share that Magic with the world. 

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Making Dreams Come True

"Before working with Mel, I was struggling with knowing I needed to change my career path but not knowing where to start. I felt stuck for months not making any decisions about anything. Mel pushed me to see an even bigger future for myself than I thought was possible. Not only did I gain the confidence to push for a huge promotion, but I was also able to move into my dream job!"

Lee Miller, NY USA

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