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  • Busy Parents
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connect within to plan the life they’re meant for.

WTF with Mel offers Tarot Sessions, Workshops & group events to align people with their Truth in business, love & spirituality.

2-Minute Tarot

Got questions but don't know where to start finding answers? Ask me for Free!

Clarity Tarot Session

Find out where to focus right now in business, love, spirituality & joy ​

Workshop Series

Practice using tools  designed to grow your life into one you’ll love even more​

2- Minute Tarot

Ask 1 Question,

get 1 Tarot Card pulledand

a personalized 2-minute video response for Free!

When you’re not sure how to choose YOU, get a dash of clarity.

"At a crossroads in your mind? Feeling in a funk? Then you NEED to get on a call with Melissa. Twice now she has helped me surface what had been holding me back in pivotal moments in my business. She can help you see what is deep in your mind. Melissa is invaluable and is crucial to my life strategy."

Isitri M. MD 

Stop living for everyone else.

 It’s time to Align with YOUR Truth!

If you’re ready to let go of the old stories in your head that are keeping you from loving your life, But think there’s no time, less money, and no one who gets just how exhausting it all is, then…

Surprise! You’ve Found Utopia!

Whether you’re ready to grow in business, love, or your connection to the Universe, Tarot will help you find your true path forward.

This is a magical place where you can:

  • Listen to your own intuitive guidance, 

  • Stop constantly “Doing” and start “BEING,”

  • Make soul-centered business decisions, and

  • Start putting YOU at the center of your every day.

Finding clarity and support on the road to living your authentic life, now some would call that paradise! 😉

Hey, Hey,

I'm Mel Morris!

Helping you connect within, to plan the life you’re meant for.

Blending Intuitive Tarot with innovative personal reflection tools and decades of being a Badass, I’ll show you how to unlock your blocks and focus on who You want to be. 


I use Tarot as a teaching tool and guide to show folx how to make life decisions based on their highest purpose, not out of fear or frustration. So let me help you break out of your old stuck stories and into clarity on how to Shine!

Why Tarot Focused?

Tarot is an amazing visual tool that allows your intuitive or subconscious mind to connect to concepts your thinking brain wasn’t built to see. It provides a hands-on anchor between our subconscious thoughts and our conscious awareness...

Why Tarot Sessions and NOT Readings?

Traditional Tarot Readings

WTF Tarot Sessions

Traditional Tarot readings are Predictive and what I see is less important for your change!


In my Tarot sessions, you start learning to see for yourself all the things that are coming up and where you need to focus your energy.


You have all the answers to all your questions, you just need a little guidance to embrace your own Magic!

When Is A Tarot Session Helpful?

That's Right, Everyday's Great Day For A Tarot Session! 

"We pulled back the curtain on specific hurdles I was facing in my business and Melissa used her coaching background to dig in more on the roadblocks that are keeping me from reaching my full potential in my business. It wasn't really "woo" at all…it was like the best business coaching + therapy you can get in an hour."

Katie S. - Founder & Media Strategist

Here's How I Can Help You Find Your Truth

2-Minute Tarot

Feeling stuck and need a little boost to get moving? Wanna connect but you’re nervous about booking your first session?


Try 2-Minute Tarot


Right now, you can Ask 1 Question, get 1 Card pulled, and I’ll send a personalized 2-minute video response for free


That’s it,

No Strings Attached!

Clarity Tarot Session

When you need help to see what’s going on in your business, relationship, or spirit, a Tarot Session is the perfect way to gain clarity and insights. 


When you’re ready to grow into your dream life, a series of Tarot Sessions can ensure you stay aligned and focused on building the life you’re meant for. 


Tarot Sessions are NOT just for special occasions anymore!

Workshop Series

Be a part of our hands-on, small group workshops that teach a variety of tools to help you connect within so you can grow and make new life choices that are truly best for YOU


Each live workshop dives into a specific focus area where you can start using each tool right away in your own life. 


Come ask questions, share your insights and start using these life-changing tools.

"Before working with Mel, I was struggling with knowing I needed to change my career path but not knowing where to start. I felt stuck for months not making any decisions about anything. Mel pushed me to see an even bigger future for myself than I thought was possible. Not only did I gain the confidence to push for a huge promotion, but I was also able to move into my dream job!"

Lee M. 

You are Strong and Smart and you need to share that Magic in the world!!!

The WTF with Mel Facebook Group is where it’s at

There’s a community of fab & joyful folx, all working to be the best version of themselves, just waiting to meet you?


Find new friends and support Plus, get exclusive content and insights 

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